Advertising Your Courier Service

Advertising is seen as a form of communication as there are thousands of ways for a business to alert consumers of a message.  It used use as a means of letting people know of your products or services to attract new and existing customers.

Today’s advertising have an array of choices to get your brand known , such as digital/online advertising, outdoor & transport, radio, newspapers, leaflets etc.

In the competitive world of couriers, it is important for you to use an advertising campaign so people will notice your company whilst out and that means they are more likely to use your services.

Online ad revenue is up 36% since 2011

When you are browsing online and see an advertisement, no matter what it is, this is classed as an online advertising format.

Online advertising is widely used as it is a cost effective way to attract consumers and making people aware of your brand.

You can promote your business online through paid advertising or your search engine rankings.

Social media is another platform used to advertise your business to reach your target audience.

You can cover 70% of the city with outdoor & transport advertising

It is also known as OOH advertising – a term that means it reaches the consumer when they are outside of the home. This can be bus shelters, billboards, even leaflets. Transport advertising can be on buses, taxis and trains.

If consumers constantly pass your advertisement outside when they are travelling, they are more likely to think of your company when they want a service/product that you provide.

Broadcast advertising can reach a your target audience

Advertising on the radio or television is a great way when you want to reach your target audience. Regular advertising means new consumers. Repetition is key in the advertising world, especially through the radio as many may not remember what they have heard.

It can reach a large number of people all in one go.